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Advance Programme

Certificate Course in CRM for Clinicians and Allied Professionals on 2-3 September 2023

Practical Arrhythmia Management for Clinicians on 3 September 2023

Joint Session with Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Hong Kong Foundation (HKSADS)

Patients' Workshop (CRN) on 3 September 2023 (Cantonese)

Industry Sessions Promotion Kits

IS00-01 Abbott Education Workshop 1

IS00-02 Abbott Education Workshop 2

IS01-01 J&J Biosense Webster Education Workshop - ECG Course

IS01-05 Boston Scientific Lunch Symposium
IS02-11 Boston Scientific Symposium

IS02-05 J&J Biosense Webster Lunch Symposium

IS01-02 Abbott Innovation Theatre 1
IS01-06 Abbott Innovation Theatre 2
IS02-02 Abbott Innovation Theatre 3

IS02-01 Abbott Symposium - CRM

IS02-06 Abbott Symposium - CRM

IS02-10 Abbott Innovation Theatre 4

IS01-04 Medtronic Lunch Symposium

IS01-07 Medtronic Symposium 1

IS02-03 Medtronic Symposium 2

IS02-04 Medtronic Symposium 3

IS02-09 Medtronic Symposium 4

IS02-12 Medtronic Innovation Theatre 1

IS03-01 Medtronic Innovation Theatre 2
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